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Jay Moussa-Mann Teases Captivating New Single Out This Friday

UK singer-songwriter and producer Jay Moussa-Mann has a beautiful new track out this coming Friday 12th called ‘What Makes You Think’. She dropped a trailer so that we can luckily get a flavour of what’s to come… It’s absolutely beautiful – folk-tinged pop music with gorgeous and sophisticated instrumentation and vocal arrangement.

The track features piano and strings at its core, with a standout lead vocal from Jay, whose voice truly is that of an angel. A writer and filmmaker, Jay has been played repeatedly on BBC Introducing, Tom Robinson’s Show on BBC Radio 6, The Bob Fischer Show on BBC Tees, as well as performing live sessions on BBC Radio Tees. She has performed at Twisterella Festival, The Waiting Room and Middlesbrough Mela. In August 2020 she took part in the Sage Summer Studios Music Residency in the North-East, UK.

Jay is no stranger to writing music, as she has released two albums and a string of single and EPs. Now she is gearing up for her third album and we can’t wait! ‘The Breakup Album’ features a variety of new work from this very versatile artist, and proves that at the heart of Jay’s work is excellent songwriting and musical sensibility. Jay is teasing the album with a few single releases prior to the full release later this year.

The first track was ‘Brown Paper and Thornbirds’, which is based around the legend of the Thornbird, a mythical bird whose one purpose is to sing the most beautiful song, at the cost of its life. Next we have the upcoming single ‘What Makes You Think’. This song is a wistful look at a broken-down relationship, with the dawning realisation that the other person never really loved you. Set against the backdrop of 2020, the song carries more weight when you realise it isn’t about one breakup – it’s about breaking up with the whole world.

Jay’s single ‘What Makes You Feel’ is out Friday 12th February 2021

Make sure to subscribe to Jay’s Youtube channel right HERE & follow her on Instagram HERE or visit her WEBSITE

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