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JEONA Teams Up with CHILI for Bittersweet Breakup Song “Hate You”

While multi-talented Danish artist JEONA has been making music for years, his latest batch of music is their most authentic and personal to date. Having decided to leave a major label deal to have more creative control, over the last couple of years, JEONA has been releasing tune after tune, building a stunning catalog. With touches of Soul, Pop and R&B perfectly melded together, their sound is as emotive as it is intricate and it has helped to hypnotize fans around the world.

Most recently JEONA has teamed up with fellow songstress CHILI to create bittersweet breakup song, “Hate You”. Inspired by his own experience, recently splitting with his longtime girlfriend, JEONA used his latest bop to clear his mind and put it all on the line. With CHILI hopping on the track, the duo creates a beautiful duet that relies on minimal groove, mellow melodies and perfectly crafted harmonies to deliver a heart-wrenching tune that so many of us can relate to.

About the tune JEONA says, “Hate You was written from a feeling of letting go but still having your feelings tied up. You constantly fight an inner battle to get over it and move on, but the fragility in longing can lead to hate because you are so aware of the fact you miss the other person.

A bit laid back and completely hypnotic, “Hate You”, is a standout track that will for sure have you feeling some type of way. Make sure you check it out!

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