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JOS & KORA Team Up for Moody New Single "Addicted"

Having already unleashed several standout singles individually in 2023 individually, Denmark-based artist/producer JOS and LA-based singer/songwriter KORA have once again joined forces on, “Addicted,” helping to further add to the hype and ensure they close out the year on a high note before prepping to take 2024 by storm. With their previous collaboration, “Like That,” Currently sitting at nearly a half-million streams on Spotify alone, “Addicted,” serves as an impressive follow up that will undoubtedly turn some heads.

With just one listen, it is easy to hear the chemistry and connection both artists share, coming together to create a moody, dynamic, and groovy jam that will quickly have you running it back. With JOS flexing hard on the production, he combines technical skill with undeniable vibe and lays out an energetic, transformative, and slick bed of sound for KORA to shine. With her knack for penning memorable and relatable lyrics combined with her pristine, seductive vocals, KORA continues to prove herself as one of the dance worlds go to songwriters and topliners, and “Addicted,” only helps to further cement her status. While they may be worlds apart (geographically), both buzzing artists feel right at home on their latest release, back together again, ready to leave you hooked.

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