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Jovi Skyler Releases New 4-Track EP "Call It A Day"

Updated: Apr 10

Jovi Skyler's latest endeavor, "Call It A Day," is a raucous celebration of Punk, Alternative Rock with an early '90s spirit, and a delightful twist of psychedelia. As a DIY singer/songwriter and music video maker, Skyler embodies the true essence of underground artistry, and this project is a testament to his unyielding commitment to creative expression. From the outset, it's evident that Skyler is not interested in conforming to the mainstream, rather, he creates from the soul and expresses himself freely without constraint, creating a lane all his own. Yack Magazine aptly described Skyler's music as possessing a, "feral ferocity," and indeed, each track on this album feels like a visceral punch to the senses. There's no pretense or ego here, just pure, unadulterated passion poured into every riff and lyric.

Driven by songs like, "Asshole," which stands as anthems of resilience, urging listeners to embrace their true selves and defy societal norms, "Call It A Day," is far more than all angst and aggression. When asked about single, "Asshole," Jovi says, "'Asshole' is about sticking to your guns and being your true self, regardless of society’s opinion or expectations about you." This sentiment permeates throughout, "Call It A Day," as Skyler fearlessly delves into themes of authenticity, rebellion, and the raw complexities of life. With a lush sonic landscape setting the tone, each track offers diverse and dynamic bed for Jovi to shine, seamlessly blending gritty production with ethereal undertones, creating a sound that feels simultaneously nostalgic and refreshingly original.

While all of the tracks on the project tie together sonically, creating a cohesive listen from front to back, each track brings its own special flavor. While, "Lil Bo Weep," delivers a driving, Classic Rock feel laden with gritty guitars and slamming drums, "Frankenstein," brings along with is a more down tempo and emotional energy that helps to add a bit of a refrain to the otherwise heavy-hitting project. Closing out the project, "Rumble," is the perfect last track to help it all hit home, seeing Jovi's vocals sitting front and center while a dynamic production sways beneath.

What truly sets, "Call It A Day," apart, Jovi Skyler's homegrown ethos and originality. Having self-producing the entire project along with having created its official visuals in house, Skyler proves himself as a true one-man show who is unafraid to get his hands dirty in pursuit of his artistic vision. This DIY spirit shines through in every note and lyric throughout the project, resulting in a collection of songs that feel deeply personal and genuine. In a world oversaturated with cookie-cutter pop stars and manufactured hits, Jovi Skyler's, "Call It A Day," is a breath of fresh air; undeniably sincere and a true testament to the power one man can have in fighting against the machine. Crank up the volume, let loose, and embrace the raw, unfiltered brilliance of Jovi Skyler. You won't be disappointed.

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