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JOWST Drops Vibrant New Single ‘Roller Coaster Ride’

First coming into the scene last year with his debut single, which turned out to be a national hit at home, rising Norwegian artist JOWST is back with his third follow up, “Roller Coaster Ride”.

Written along with Jesper Jenset, the new single features vocals from Manel Navarro (Spain) and Maria Celin (Norway), and brings a bubbly, Future bounce.  The dynamic release opens with touching vocals and mellow keys and atmospheric elements before slowly building into the drop.  Energetic vocal chops, a deep bassline and moody stabs help to pick things up before falling right back into verse two. 

With both vocalists taking turns on the tune, while also performing side by side, a beautiful dynamic is built.  A sucker for duets, I find that both vocals perfectly compliment each other while also sitting perfectly in the mix.

What seems to be yet another stellar release from the rising Noerwegian talent, I have no doubt JOWST has a lot more up his sleeve.  Stay tuned.

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