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"Just My Type" by Kyle Hume is this Summer's Newest Playful Pop Song.

Looking for a new pop banger and anthemic tune? Well, “Just My Type” by Kyle Hume is that and so much more.

“Just My Type” by Kyle Hume is an upbeat and “feel-good” pop song. It has a jamming guitar lead and clear vocals with cool production elements to give the song edge. The solo guitar and lo-fi beats in the verses allows for a slow build for listeners instead of starting loud and falling flat.

Hume’s voice is perfect for pop radio. With soaring melodies and catchy lyrics, it’s no wonder why he has gathered a large following. Hume proves that he is capable of writing instant catchy pop hits without any delay. He is able to take a moment from his personal life and translate it into a sonic world that is unique, but still fun and fresh.

When asked about the meaning behind “Just My Type,” Hume stated the following:

“This song is about the feeling that you get when you think that the person you've been dreaming about seems like they might just be giving you a little more attention than anyone else. The feeling where the chase just might actually be about to pay off. I'm a sucker for that moment, and I wanted to create that same feeling in a song.”

Kyle Hume is an American artist and producer. At 23 years old, Kyle has already had a global reach. In early 2021, Kyle started gaining traction on various social media platforms for his music and now has a combined total of over 1.8 million followers.

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