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KAYMA Releases Captivating New Video “Onsitelover”

Tel Aviv-based multi-instrumentalist and producer, Ori Toledano aka KAYMA has officially released his newest hit “Onsitelover” to all streaming platforms. The first track off of his debut EP Mid Side Notes, “Onsitelover’ embraces passion, lust and longing as we are taken on a romantic journey. The brilliantly shot video follows KAYMA and his lover through a series of emotional events as they wrestle with the push and pull of lust and love. For the past decade, under the name Snowstar.Company, Ori has been writing music for commercials for some of the largest brands in the world (Intel, Subaru, Fiverr, Pepsi, Soda Stream etc.). At that time, Ori was finishing up a personal project which he intended to later on publish, so the timing was just right. “Onsitelover” shows off a vulnerable side to the decorated artist and we’re excited to hear the full Mid Side Notes project later this Fall.

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