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Keep an Eye on Clayjay & TOBi

After meeting on the internet, LA based producer/DJ Clayjay and Toronto MC TOBi decided to take things to the next step – and we’re glad they did.

Since meeting in LA at the beginning of the summer, the two artists have been hard at work creating tunes and now they are getting ready to unload.  The collaboration quickly found both artists hitting it off, leading to a tour of the West Coast in support of SG Lewis.

On their new collaboration, “Ride“, we see Clayjay handling things on the production end.  Finding his niche in taking sometimes odd, but memorable sounds and incorporating them into his tracks, his productions are both cool and interesting.  About his process he says, “My production process usually begins with finding a strange sound that you would never expect to fit into a song.  I almost view it as a challenge to take the weirdest sounds I can think of, and make them seamlessly fit into my production. This could mean turning something into a percussive sound or finding something with more of a pitch to it and turning this into a playable instrument.

With the production being taken care of TOBi is free to do his thing, flexing his talents as both a singer and rapper.  We were only recently introduced to TOBi via his track, “All Day, and he has had our full attention ever since.  Beneath his swag and attitude there is clearly a soul that you can feel coming through on every line.  From his tone, to his delivery, to his rhymes – everything about TOBi makes me think he is here to stay.  Get used to hearing his name… this won’t be the last time.

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