• Nicholas Zallo

Kenny Hectyc Makes Tommy Boy Debut with ‘All This Time’

Kenny Hectyc, the UK House maestro, is here with his Tommy Boy debut, “All this Time,”. The groovy, melodic single features a pumping, piano-laden production, with powerful and emotional vocals that soar on top of this track.  Performed by vocalist/vocal coach/songwriter Katie Holmes Smith, best known for her work with artists such as Adele and Kylie Minogue, the new collaboration is vocal House smash.

Co-written by Kelli-Leigh, best known for her unbelievable vocals on many hit songs, like Duke Dumont’s, “I Got U,’ and Secondcity’s, “I Wanna Feel”, the new single is a diva inspired power anthem.

Kenny has previously remixed songs that have been released by both Sony and Virgin EMI music. After receiving major support on his past releases from BBC Radio 1, 1 XTRA, Kiss FM, and many others, Kenny Hectyc is ready to take things up a notch with his latest release. If you are a DJ, be sure to have this in your arsenal, because it is sure to light up the summer on fire.

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