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Kersty Ryan Is Encouraging You To Choose Yourself With “never mine”

Feelings for others come and go, but how you treat yourself is one of the most important relationships you’ll ever have. After falling for someone she couldn’t have, Kersty Ryan realized that living her best life was more important than pining over someone who’d never amount to more than a lost soul. She channels this freedom on her new single “never mine.”

The song has all the elements of a summertime bop. Will pulsating drums, killer guitar riffs, and powerful vocals, “never mine” channels a sense of liberation similar to rolling down your car windows and feeling the wind rush over your skin. The sparkling synths contrasted against the hollow drums complements Ryan’s dynamic vocals. The lyrics have a tendency to take hold of you and instill a sense of power, like “now I’m living for the nights and trying to find my life like throwing it all to the wind like I deserve it, baby.” “never mine” surely brings Ryan to another level, especially in her songwriting prowess.

Kersty Ryan is the young Austin-based Pop artist who is gaining momentum in the music industry. The singer/songwriter’s latest single, “Cut You Loose” discusses the feelings of letting someone go who isn’t meant to be in your life. The song dwells a dark-pop sound, taking inspiration from modern artists such as Billie Eilish, Lennon Stella, and Julia Michaels. Her gritty tone and rhythmic writing style take charge in this newest release, serving as the preface for her upcoming debut EP this fall.

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