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Kid Apollo To Release Entrancing New Single ‘Shameless’ This Friday

Kid Apollo’s ‘Shameless’ quite literally sent shivers down our spine. It is hauntingly beautiful, with a melodic guitar part at the core, accompanied by sweeping, mellow synth pads. Not to mention Kid Apollo’s vocal – refined and sophisticated; at once easy-listening but mighty powerful. 

This artist hails from Derry, Northern Ireland, and works from his cramped bedroom on a laptop, self-penning and producing everything. No two songs are the same, yet each carry an unmistakable flow and melodic drive that Kid Apollo is making into his very own sound.

The lyrics for new single ‘Shameless’ are poetic yet rooted in the concrete everyday too, as the speaker laments days gone by when we could all get smashed with our friends. Words like ‘The smell of smoke, That lingers on in my hair’ and ‘Alcohol in empty halls’ will have your memory refreshed. Watch this space. ‘Shameless’ is out this Friday 26th on all the digital platforms. 

Hear from the artist himself:

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