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Kid Travis Redefines What It Means To Be A Dynamic Storyteller

Singer. Songwriter. Instrumentalist. Producer. Very few artists can say they have all of these traits, but Kid Travis is the exception. Positioning himself as a fluid artist that doesn’t subscribe to one genre, Kid Travis seamlessly pulls from all kinds of influences while maintaining a core sound that is undeniably him.

His newest release “Next 2 U” carries a lush neo-soul vibe with accents of Afro-Cuban percussive lines at the drop. Begging to his love to remember what they have and forget about the future, Kid Travis delivers rhythmic top lines and crafty lyrics to tell his story of a young romance.

“Made a Mess” is a slick tune with focuses on tight trap hi hats and pulsing muffled synths. This song carries some crafty one liners, like “rather fall for truth then more regret” and “tell me who’s going to pick me up after we end?” There’s an unapologetic nature to this tune, though he struggles with staying away from the one who’s broken his heart before.

“Stay (Don’t Go)” is quite a vulnerable tune from the chameleon artist. The smooth electric guitar accents his silky, saddened vocals, mirroring his pleas to convince a crush not to move away. Tasty lyrics like “I feel like you’re the answer” and “I can’t let us disappear” pour from the heart and seemingly slip off of his tongue like honey.

These songs present a story close to Kid Travis, and if you listen closely, you’ll find parts of yourself within them. His genre-less approach makes him a dynamic force in the musical landscape and we’re thankful he’s sharing his gifts with us. It’s time the world pays attention like never before.

Photo credit: Eluzai

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