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KIDDO Is Nothing But Trouble

Vibration is the one word that encompasses the sound coming from KIDDO‘s new single Trouble.

The Swedish singer/songwriter KIDDO, makes her mark with her first single Trouble. My lady has some insane pipes and production behind her sound. The amount of reverb and echo from her vocals alone, makes this joint an instant replay. KIDDO developed a distorted propulsion of melody that rocks and sways from the get. Like any great song, you need listen to what the artist is providing.

Trouble, describes a care free relationship, surrounded by love & lust. After a wild run, KIDDO opens up and explains that even though her relationship is filled with trouble, their love is stronger than all the bull shit they go through. Doesn’t matter if they are separated from one another, struggling with money or dealing with the occasional drunk argument. Their bond for one another over powers the negative in their relationship. This song is a success because it’s unique, relatable & memorable. KIDDO is certainly going to get a considerable amount of spins on this single.

Go on your device and listen to this track ASAP. I’d also recommend putting on your best pair of headphones because this track puts flavor in your ear (R.I.P. Craig Mack). Let me know what y’all think?!

KDDO’s IG: kiddomusic


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