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KLEZ Releases ‘Old Soul New World’

California native KLEZ has spent a lifetime as a musician, student and artist.  Growing up digging through his families record collection, he eventually took inspiration from the likes of Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, and Stevie Wonder.

While in college at Chico State and performing around the area, he caught the attention of Sound x 3 Records which led to his debut EP being released in 2016.  Since then he has continued to perform around California as well as in Scandinavia.   So far he has been able to grace the stage along acts like Con Brio, Joey Dosik, The Main Squeeze, and Gene Evaro Jr.

2017 seems to be another explosive year for KLEZ with the release of his new EP, “Old Soul New World“, and gearing up for a European tour.  One of the lead singles from his new project is, “Sons & Daughters“, an anthemic tune that brings listeners back to the golden days of Motown with a new age twist. 

The incredibly soulful track relies on organic instrumentation, huge chants, powerful vocals and a driving energy to grab hold from the very beginning.  While the track itself hits, it is hard to imagine that this tune wouldn’t be even more powerful live.  This may be my first introduction to Klez, but I can already tel you – he’s got a new fan.

While I am not one to usually copy lines from a press release, I thought this was spot on, “Take the purity and resonance of Hozier and pair it with the soulful grit of Son Little, and you get Klez.”

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