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Kodamilo Delivers that ‘Sunset Soul’

Jacksonville, Florida based Kodamilo has just jumped into my radar with his new EP, “Sunset Soul”.  Being a music nerd, this blog is really my way to discover new music for my own listening pleasure while also giving some shine to the up and comers doing it big.  Keep an eye on Kodamilo.

The singer/songwriter/producer dropped the lead single from the project into my inbox and it has been on repeat since.  Blending flavors from Pop, R&B, Soul and Electronic, Kodamilo has found a way to bring smooth, sexy, vibes to everything he touches.  On, “Bound”, seductive vocals and catchy af melodies sway on top of a moving, mellow, Electronic production.

While bending synths, background vocals and deep pads fill the background, the vocals take center stage and make sure they hit deep.  Lush layers push the vocals from behind and the lead takes hold from the very beginning.

After checking out the single I had to give the EP a run through and it is well worth a listen – trust.

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