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Kyle Lucas Lays it All on the Line on “I Wish You Would Call”

While Kyle Lucas may have only launched is solo project in 2022, music has played a big role in his life since nearly the beginning. Born and raised in Boston, it was easy to see from an early age that Kyle had something special. Through the years he honed his skills as a singer/songwriter, but also found it hard to really commit to being an artist. When he finally embraced the idea of trying his hand at being an artist, he dove in headfirst and hasn’t looked back.

Thanks to his incredibly lush and dynamic vocals, heart-touching lyrics, and his ability to beat his soul on every release he drops, the industry far and wide have taken notice. With only a handful of singles out so far, Kyle Lucas is already sitting over 75K monthly listeners and is slowly but surely securing his spot on many of our artists-to-watch lists.

Recently, Kyle Lucas unveiled his delicate and emotive single, “I Wish You Would Call,” and it is a stunning addition to his budding indie catalog. With a minimal, acoustic guitar driven and little to distract from his vocals, he delivers a reflective and relatable tune that touches on topics that so many of us can relate to. Heartbreak is one of the most universal emotions in my opinion, and Kyle Lucas does an impeccable job of taking those feelings, wrapping them up into his words and giving a truly memorable performance. “I Wish You Would Call,” is without a doubt worth a listen, but be warned; it is going to leave you feeling some type of way.

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