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Kyra Fields, Wise Beyond Her Age on “Somebody to You”

Kyra Fields is a 17 year old singer/songwriter from LA who has quickly developed into a seasoned artist capable of reaching deep into her emotional pocket. On “Somebody to You”, Fields demonstrates that her songwriting abilities are insightful far beyond her age as she touches on feelings of sacrifice, self-deprivation, and ultra-consciousness. Chilling guitar licks perfectly complement her melodic and passionate vocals as she proclaims that it may be impossible to be the kind of person her significant other deserves. Fundamentally, “Somebody to You” beckons that our insecurities are perhaps the most authentic representation of the love that we feel towards others.

You can catch Kyra at some of LA’s most prominent music venues such as Kibitz Room, The Canyon, and The Rose Theatre. Her alt-pop style is both unique in sentiment and style and will surely develop as she grows and learns as an artist.

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