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Layzee Gold Fuse Genres on ‘Me, Myself & I’

Four-piece ensemble Layzee Gold take on a fusion of genres in their latest single “Me, Myself &I“. Proclaiming themselves as a indie-pop music group, there’s something also a bit Reggae driven about this new single. This could be anything as starkly contrasting as rap and traditional Irish music, but the talent of Layzee Gold comes together to interweave the best elements of these genres and create their own hybrid sound. 

“‘Me, Myself & I really represent the feelings I suppose we are all feeling now in this time of so much uncertainty, with live shows and streams non-existent & on the decline, this gave us an opportunity to release something with no real agenda other than to express ourselves as a band without worrying where this track fits, we are going to include it on the EP to act as a time capsule,” shares the group. The single is the first from an EP set to be released later this year.  Make sure you stay tuned to hear what’s next!

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