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Leah Kate Preps Debut EP with ‘Left With A Broken Heart’

While so many artists flee New York for the West (I’m looking at you LA), there are still instances of artists doing the exact opposite.  Raised in LA, the daughter of parents in the entertainment industry, Leah Kate decided to pack it all up and head to the Big Apple in search of self and with the hopes of disconnecting and continuing her journey as an artist.

The left of center Pop artist finds her stride blending contemporary Pop sensibilities with a whole lot of edge.  With a true IDGAF attitude, Leah Kate strives to create relatable tunes that will also make you move.  With a number of singles released since her debut just last year, Leah Kate has already had the opportunity to perform at both New York and London Fashion Week, while also landing some studio time with industry heavyweights. 

Now preparing to release her debut 6-track EP, “Impulse”, next month, Leah Kate has recently unleashed her latest single, “Left With A Broken Heart”, and it is a moody jam that will be sitting in my playlists for sometime to come.  With a dark, minimal electronic production setting the mood, Leah Kate delivers a seductive, attitude laced performance going from ominous verses to uplifting hooks.  

The dynamic new release is more than enough to get fans and new listeners alike excited for the full EP.  Make sure you check this one out. 

Want some more tunes like this?  Follow our ‘Edgy Pop’ playlist on Spotify!

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