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Lewis Fitzgerald Teams Up with Libianca for Official Remix of Recent Single "Darling"

South London’s rising star, Lewis Fitzgerald, teams up with Afro-R&B sensation and BRIT Award nominee Libianca on the electrifying remix of "Darling," released via Relentless Records. With the original track already amassing 7.3 million Spotify streams and 6 million views on TikTok, Lewis’s collaboration with Libianca, known for her emotionally charged storytelling and powerful vocals, brings a fresh and compelling twist to the song. Libianca’s achievements, including her historic climb to the UK Top 10 and her acclaimed hit single "People," make her an ideal partner for this remix. The official music video, directed by Fuhad Braimoh, promises to further enhance this dynamic collaboration.

"Darling" showcases the synergy between Lewis’s soulful voice and Libianca’s distinctive Afrobeat flair. The remix artfully blends their styles, creating a track that is both deeply moving and rhythmically engaging. Libianca expressed her immediate connection to the song, saying, "The track pulled to me; it was very touching! Lewis sang soulfully on that record I couldn't resist." Lewis echoed this sentiment, praising Libianca’s vocal prowess: "Her voice is mesmerizing. I was drawn in from her first ad-lib! She's a natural fit for 'Darling' and an incredible human." This remix not only highlights their vocal talents but also their ability to convey profound emotions, making it a standout addition to both artists' discographies.

Listeners should dive into the "Darling" remix to experience the seamless blend of Lewis Fitzgerald's introspective lyricism and Libianca's vibrant vibes. This collaboration exemplifies the potential for genre fusion to create something truly special. As Lewis continues to build his impressive portfolio with high-profile performances and accolades, his partnership with Libianca on this track marks a significant milestone. Follow Lewis Fitzgerald to witness his rise in the music industry, as he prepares to release more captivating music in 2024, cementing his status as a key player in the UK’s music scene.

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