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Lila Dupont Releases Her New Powerful and Emotional Ballad, “Realize It All.”

Lila Dupont jumps on the scene and releases her newest track, “Realize It All,” which is a powerful and electric emotional ballad. The production is naked with soaring drums and an intimate acoustic guitar that supports the aching and booming voice that is Lila.

Lila Dupont is an eighteen year old singer, songwriter and multi instrumentalist. She possesses the unique ability to translate her visceral and intense emotions into breathtaking and musical expressions. Her talent is beyond her years and her emotional vulnerability on "Realize it All" highlights her potential to have a long and fruitful career. Lila's undeniable talent has attracted the attention of Grammy Award winning producer, writer, and engineer, Scott Jacoby, to collaborate and make impactful music together.

Lila's first single, “Realize It All,” speaks to the loneliness that is trying to hide your emotional pain. The track mimics this theme sonically with its adorning and wildly crashing chorus and her fragile and fluttering vocal performance. When asked about "Realize it All," Lila says the following:

“Realize It All’ is about wanting to look like everything’s all right, even though you’re really struggling inwardly...It’s about how you don’t have to let yourself get to your lowest point for anyone to care – you can just let it all out…

I wrote “Realize It All” in a rental house during the start of quarantine when everything in my life was filled with uncertainty except for the empty room down the hall with amazing acoustics. The musicians involved include drummer JT Bates, bassist Mike Lewis, and guitarist Eli Menezes.”

Lila Dupont's new body of work highlights her amazing talent to captivate an audience and prove that she is here to stay as an artist.

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