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Logan Prescott Closes Out The Summer With Shimmery Bop “Online”

Maybe it’s in the way that nature starts to lay dormant that makes the transition from summer to fall and time of reflection. Thinking about recent memories and actions leads us to question whether every choice was the right one. Well, somehow Logan Prescott found a way to bottle up all of these feelings into his latest single “Online.”

The production contains all of the brightness of summer, yet the lyrics reflect an inner monologue caught in a transitional moment. With guitar-heavy riffs accenting the dynamic rhythm and synth pads echoing like a past love you can’t move on from, “Online” caters to everyone’s feeling of nostalgia. Even Prescott’s lyrics have a way of trapping you in his pop daydream, like “lately memories float around in my bed” and “maybe I’d lie just to get you on the phone.” This song is both meditative and exhilarating, making it an heartache anthem in its own way.

LA-based indie pop artist Logan Prescott is that dude who stays up checking his DM’s. Looking back on love lost, Prescott wonders if leaving was the right choice at all – a sadboy anthem dripping with 80’s guitar tones and a pumping rhythm section. Having written music for the likes of Chad Kroeger’s 604 Records (Carly Rae Jepsen, Mathew V) and Splice Sounds, Prescott returns with sappy vocal melodies in the vein of COIN and Bad Suns.

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