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Lucky Rose Teams Up with Jordan Hart for ‘Lost’

It wasn’t long ago that Quebec City based Electronic duo Lucky Rose first burst into the scene with their debut single, “The Way You Want Me”.  Since then, they have unleashed a number of well received singles, racking up tens of millions of streams and landing on the radar of tastemakers far and wide.

Now after a bit of a hiatus to focus their efforts in the studio, Lucky Rose is now back with their latest offering, “Lost”, featuring vocals from Jordan Hart.  The uplifting new release finds a perfect blend between groove and melody, creating an undeniably chill and empowering tune.  Built around a beautiful acoustic guitar, the track remains pretty minimal yet brings plenty of dynamics thanks to a stellar arrangement and the emotive vocal performance. 

About the track, Lucky Rose says, “It was great to work with Jordan Hart in studio. He’s such a talent. We had these guitar chords that we really wanted to use for the track, Vince played it to Jordan and Emery Taylor (songwriter/producer) and they started working around that idea. The song talks about how our generation who don’t want to be stuck in the same 9 to 5 lifestyle as our parents. We really wanted to bring out the emotion of the lyrics and that feeling of wanting to stop everything you are doing just to be with someone.

With a promise of a lot more music on the way, it seems a Lucky Rose is only priming the pump for 2019.  If this tune is any indication of what’s to come – I’d make sure you are paying close attention.  This ones a beaut.

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