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Macey Estes Brings Seductive Groove on Her New Single ‘Enemy’

Growing up somewhere like Nashville, it is almost inevitable that music will play some role in your life growing up.  From a young age Macey Estes took note from other hometown favorites and immersed herself in music before realizing her passion for songwriting.  Now having launched a solo career of her own, Macey Estes is blurring the lines between contemporary R&B and Pop, creating honest and relatable tunes for the masses.

Having released her debut single, “Crucify Me”, just last December, Macey Estes is still honing her sound while she continues to wow with new releases.  Her latest offering, “Enemy”, is a dark and attitude laced jam that delivers catchy hooks, a seductive and saucy vocal performance and minimal yet pumping production that sees Macey Estes feeling more at home than she has on any other tune up to this point.

About the release, she says, “Enemy was written on the idea that sometimes the things you can’t have, are the most intriguing. The risk of giving into temptation; knowing its wrong, but not giving a damn. I’m not the type to allow anyone to change my mind once its already made. We all find ourselves in tricky situations but we always respond with what our heart truly desires, no matter the consequence.

While, “Enemy”, may only be her third single to date, it proves that Macey Estes is here to stay and ready to take some risks to find a lane all her own.  Make sure you check this one out and keep an eye out for what’s next.  

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