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Mako Gets Cinematic with New Track ‘Murder’

Based in LA, it wasn’t too long ago that Alex Seaver made is solo debut with his artist project Mako.  To date, his debut single has seen over 12M streams on Spotify alone.  Creating emotional and cinematic releases, Mako is creating, “music for heart and feet”.  While making sure that his music gets people moving (physically) he is also dead set on making sure to move them emotionally.

On his latest release, “Murder”, on Ultra, Mako brings a dark and somber vibe carried by the vocals he laid down himself.  Opening with mellow keys, the track builds into the hook where the track really takes hold.  To match the haunting lyrics, the production plays on the almost cynical side of human nature to create a touching and dynamic release.

If this is just the beginning for Mako we are more than excited to hear what’s to come.  Clean and impressive production coupled with quality lyrics, great top-lines and slick arrangements – a winning formula fa sho.

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