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Marcelo De La Vega reveals brand new single and film clip ‘Broke and Criminal’

Following the in October released ‘Told You’, Marcelo De La Vega releases his brand new single ‘Broke and Criminal’. The catchy track is the second release from his upcoming debut EP ‘Conversational’.

Writing the track after a breakup, Marcelo explains: “It was a really difficult song to write as I was very hurt and angry finding out my girlfriend cheated on me. We ended up together at a party and I after found out she was still with her new boyfriend so all the feelings I previously felt, I now had a part of impacting on someone else. ‘Broke and Criminal’ is a reflecting track about this time and the feelings that came with it.”

The song is accompanied by a Tarantino inspired film-clip, which Marcelo created and co- directed. It is a story about two people who are recluse from society, on the run after they commit a series of murder. He explains: “The characters are based on Mickey and Mallory Knox from Natural Born Killers and are seen with a stolen car, a house they broke into and living outside of society. He himself plays the character that is obsessed with the girl which appeared in the previously released ‘Told You’ clip dancing on the street and seeing clouds.

Marcelo’s debut single ‘Told You’ was released in October last year and has picked up critical acclaim from music blogs and attracted impressive streaming figures with more than 50,000 plays so far. For future single releases from the collection, Marcelo will be creating further film-clips, continuing his theme of visual artistry.

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