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Marq Electronica Releases Dazzling Single ‘In A City (Love)’

Marq Electronica is the badass project of versatile singer-songwriter Mark Dickinson from the North-East, UK. With a stage presence that’s electric and a voice like the 80s greats, this artist is making a name for himself. His latest release is the glorious single ‘In A City (Love)’, which has amassed over 80,000 streams on Spotify in under a month! If you haven’t yet heard of Marq Electronica, you’ve been missing out! 

Frontman of synth-punk trio Sapien Trace, you could see these rockers gigging around Newcastle-upon-Tyne just prior to lockdown. During lockdown, Marq turned his attention to the solo project. There’s a retro edge to the solo work, and a marriage between traditional instrumentation and electronica to build a specific feeling. Marq has described this sound as ‘impressionistic’ – and it certainly is that. Latest single ‘In A City (Love)’ paints a cityscape for us sonically. It’s a funky, synth-led journey into lost love; a sad and atmospheric electro-pop track with Marq’s trademark funky and electro edge that will make you move your feet while it pulls on your heartstrings.

“After years singing and writing lyrics and performing in the region with my band, lockdown gave me the opportunity to work on solo material and some exciting collaborations. I’ve never been that confident writing my own music and lyrics but after sharing some of my songs with friends and fellow musicians they encouraged me to share it with everyone and strike out as a solo artist.”

Words from the artist himself:

Marq also recently released a single ‘Phase IV’ as part of a collaborative project with songwriter Conrad McQueen under the name The Last of the Fallen Angels, also featuring vocals from Victoria Owsnett (see our article here). Flawless pop sensibilities are always evident in anything Marq puts his mind and THAT voice to. Watch this space, because Marq has only just started! 

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