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maxime. Teases New Full-Length Project with Standout Single "talk 2 me"

maxime.'s recent single, "talk 2 me," serves as the first glimpse into his upcoming full-length, highly anticipated project, "life and death of a dog," and once again proves the Montreal-based artist's impressive ability to create major vibes that appeal to the masses. Following the success of his previous releases, "whatevernowiscalled," in 2019 and, "cerulean," in 2020, "talk 2 me," finds the perfect balance between groove and grit, blending flavors in a way that not many others can. One of my favorite aspects of maxime.'s artistry, is that no matter what tune you turn up - they all feel like genuine, authentic - maxime.

maxime. is a self-released artist/producer/engineer who crafts most of his music in his Montreal bedroom, and his sound embodies a refreshing blend of left-of-center creativity and undeniable Pop sensibilities. With a debut album that garnered over 40 million streams, maxime. has solidified his place as an indie sensation worth watching.

With a knack for pushing genre boundaries and a unique sound that captures the essence of his musical evolution, maxime. continues to captivate listeners and carve out his niche in the music industry. As we eagerly await the full album, "The Life and Death of a Dog," it's clear that maxime. is an artist who is unafraid to explore new sonic territories while keeping us hooked with his infectious melodies.

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