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Meg Chandler unveils Dynamic Alt-Pop Hit “Bury You”

Using her platform to vent about the kind of people that make existence a bit trickier than it needs to be, Meg Chandler's "Bury You" reflects on the isolating feeling that we experience when the whole world just seems to be against us. Meg’s vocals flow seamlessly over the electric indie pop production which has a grungy edge to it. The goal was to write something that fans could shout the words to whenever they run into a difficult person, aiming to help bury the thought of these people so that they can focus on the things in life that actually matter. The message is for the nice people, not the haters :)

The 22 year old singer-songwriter has perfected the art of radio-friendly bops. Partnered with vibrant production, she puts her all into each and every song, drawing from life experience that can often be tough to talk about, as well as the people in her life that she cannot live without. Born in a little town called Shropshire, the young artist has her sights set on bigger things and we are so excited to hear whatever she has brewing next.

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