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Mickey Valen’s At it Again

Fuckin’ Mickey Valen amiright?

If you haven’t heard of him by now, you should at least invest in a rock with wifi, because the one you’re living under is doing you no good.

Over the last year or two, he has gone from being just another aspiring EDM producer to one of the most highly respected and sought after producers in the game – and rightfully so.  I’m pretty sure I haven’t heard one release from him that hasn’t been top notch… and I’ve been paying close attention.

His latest offering comes in the form of a remix for Madalen Duke and her track, “Gucci Store“.  While I have yet to hear the original (I should probably do my research) I have my doubts that it will hit as hard as this.  The vocals are mint for sure.  Edgy, playful and pitch perfect, there is no question she has a great sound… but we’re here to talk about the remix, so let’s get to it.

Bright melodic plucks and some spacey, background vocal chops open up the track before the introduction of the vocals and some bass heavy horn stabs bring it up a notch.  Everything he touches is ever-evolving, with the elimination or addition of a new element nearly every 4 bars, assuring that there is always something happening to keep your attention.

From beginning to end, Mickey Valen always finds a way to to keep his releases fresh.

Beyond the slick arrangement, every element is used just right and there is nothing in the mix that doesn’t work.  If you don’t need it, take it out.  Using this approach leads to the elimination of audible clutter and a clean as hell production.  The progression, arrangement and instrumentation work perfect with the vocals – playing off of each other to make one cohesive, high-energy, dynamic Electronic Pop bop.

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