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Minneapolis Rising Indie-Pop Artist, Landon Conrath, Releases His New Song “Last Week”

Minneapolis rising indie artist, Landon Conrath, releases his new song “Last Week,” which is about an unhealthy relationship with a former collaborator. “Last Week” is coated with psychedelic guitar strums, warm synths, and an addictive drum beat that makes it an instant classic, especially for the summer time.

Conrath’s voice blends beautifully with the instrumental track, fading and rolling onto synth melodies, making him a force to be reckoned with within the emerging artist music scene. “Last Week” is just another example of Conrath’s incredible songwriting skills, especially because this is not his first indie-pop classic to garner attention at the mainstream level. “Last Week describes hitting a roadblock with a collaborator and symbolizes Conrath’s success in choosing to embark on an independent creative revolution. Conrath states,

"Last Week is about a person in my life who made me feel like I was constantly under their feet. We worked super closely together but I always felt like my ideas weren’t good enough and that I should just quit music in general. Whether it was truly a bad situation, or if I just put those ideals onto myself, this song illustrates the struggles of self-worth."

“Last Week” is an honest account of how negative relationships can affect our mental well-being. Conrath juxtaposes his cathartic lyricism with uplifting melodies, showing listeners that there’s always a way to heal.

Since making his debut in 2020, Landon Conrath’s distinctive brand of hook-laden indie-pop songs has caused him to become a viral sensation on Spotify, landing him on influential playlists overnight. His authentic, off-the-cuff style, has resonated with listeners around the globe, amassing millions of streams. Conrath explains,

“I never wanted to make anything that was based on a trend. It's exciting to have the freedom to really choose who I want to be and what I want to say. My goal is to make music that people can connect with.”

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