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MIXIE Drops an Indie Pop Bop with Third Single "sideways"

While NYC-based MIXIE may have only dropped her debut single last year, we can't say that she hasn't been on the grind for sometime now. Having already made a name for herself on social media as well as throughout the modeling and fashion worlds, it seems she has now set her sights on the music industry and she seems poised to make some major waves.

Bringing the same energy to her new solo project that she brings to every other endeavor, MIXIE maintains an originality and vibe that seem tough to duplicate. Never afraid to push boundaries, all of her releases so far tend to have a genre-blending appeal, each executed with some major finesse. Most recently, the buzzing artist to watch dropped, "sideways", and it is an absolute vibe. With a laid-back, driving feel, MIXIE delivers a smooth, seductive and melodic performance that couples perfectly with the slick guitar and upbeat aura.

Seemingly someone who knows what they and how to get it, MIXIE is proving herself once again as undeniable force - and we are here for it. I can guarantee we will be bumping, "sideways", all summer and we recommend you do the same.

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