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Monday Morning Vibes

Good lawd, this is a morning commute song if I’ve ever heard one.

Here I am, early on a Monday, knocking this joint in my headphones on a packed 6 train, preparing for a long days work… and yet I am feeling inspired, giddy, and for some strange reason – at ease.

Madam‘s new single, “Rise Up” is a bubbling Electro Pop jam, that in all honestly, I may be listening to a little too much (or maybe my headphones are just too loud?).

Originally from Brazil, now based in NYC after successfully graduating Berklee College of Music, Marina Maiztegui (Madam) is hard at work on her first album.

On, “Rise Up“, vocally, Madam’s performance leaves you with a great understanding of her abilities as a whole after the first listen.  A youthful slightly seductive tone, sharp and concise delivery, and solid vocal control, makes me hopeful she will be able to deliver time and time again.

The production fits the vocals perfectly.  Ethereal and progressive with a bit of funk, the vocals are given the space to breath when they need it and pushed even harder when the time is right.

While lyrically, the vocals are bit preachy and  clean cut (at least in my opinion), they really do give you that, “fuck it” feeling.  Get out there and conquer the day, stop whining, stop making excuses, this is life.  It is what it is.  Rise up.

Madam states in the first line of the track ,”We break down, we fall… but somehow, we always stand up again.”  And she is totally right.   If that doesn’t leave you hopeful, I don’t what will.

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