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Monica Martin Leaves Me Speechless with ‘Thoughtless’

If Monica Martin isn’t at the top of your artists to watch list already… maybe her new single, “Thoughtless”, will help persuade you.

Born in Chicago and raised in rural Wiconson, Monica Martin initially had no intentions on getting into music.  Before becoming an artist, she was just a fan – waiting for Billie Holiday videos to load on back-country dial-up and making trips in a busted Geo Metro to watch Punk shows in Milwaukee.  Luckily for us, a friend persuaded her to give it a shot and Monica soon began to perform in public and lend her vocal talents on friends records.  Fast forward to 2012 and she quickly became an indie sensation as she fronted experimental-folk-pop sextet, PHOX.

Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on Monica Martin.  Let’s hope the first two singles are leading into a debut album… I have no doubt it will be spectacular on all fronts.

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