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Monroe Slays with ‘Wasted Tears’ [VIDEO]

Based between London & Malta, vocal House duo Monroe is back once again with a brand new jam.

Following the success of their first collaboration with Soulshaker, Monroe has teamed up with them once again for, “Wasted Tears“.  Together they craft a Pop leaning House tune that is sure to work from the car to the club to the airwaves.  Vocally the two singers compliment each other perfectly on top of the booming and bubbling production from Soulshaker.

To make the release even more exciting, it comes along with an official music video and a pack of bomb remixes form Luca Debonaire, LESSI, Lionis, Menshee, Serbsican, and Simon Le Grec & AL-Faris.  Lyrically the song tells the tale of a relationship that is seemingly going nowhere, but instead of disappointment the song has a feel of empowerment that comes along with realizing ones past mistakes.

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