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Morgen Details Somber Feelings On “Sweet 16”

Culture and media depict 16th birthdays as a glamorous, eventful, coming-of-age day. But can we really say they’re all they are hyped up to be? Santa Cruz native morgen would have to disagree. After celebrating her 16th birthday at the start of the pandemic, morgen reflects on what that day meant to her on her new tune “Sweet 16.”

Oozing with blunt lyrics and innovative bedroom-pop production, “Sweet 16” turns the auspicious day into a teenage dream gone south. The sleek production outlines a haunting atmosphere that provides contrast to a day that’s usually full of happiness and celebration. Lyrically, morgen channels gloomy satire as a way to oppose the typical flippant views of turning 16. Her sly vocals echo “it’s not like the world is ending, feels like it’s just on repeat” and “glitz and glam is never what I wanted.” What is a teen to do when the world is turning inside out and the spoils of being a teenager no longer apply? Nevertheless, “Sweet 16” marks morgen as an artist in this music thing for the long haul.

The 17-year-old morgen grew up surrounded by music. In her pre-teens, she gigged with her musician father which opened her eyes to a world of possibility. On an average day in the life of morgen, you can find her writing at least 2 songs a day that show a range in sound inspired by diverse musical influences from Carol King to Post Malone. More recently, you can find morgen receiving praise from Elton John and Zane Lowe on their respective podcasts. Across the globe in Australia, Triple J called morgen “impressive.” With the upcoming release of her latest single “Sweet 16,” you can be sure the NorCal native is just getting started.

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