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Next Up: This Week, December 2nd [PLAYLIST]

Here we are in the last month of wretched 2020 and luckily we have music to thank for keeping us happy, sad, comforted, imaginative, and hopeful for the duration of this year! This week, our Next Up playlist features ripe artists who have made the most out of 2020 and released music without giving a damn about what the world looked like around them. Featuring the indie charm of Brandyn Burnette, the eclectic melodies of Thutmose, and the modern disco-pop of GRAACE, check out what we have on Next Up.

Sean Kennedy – Too Sensitive

Dugong Jr, Jordan Dennis – Slow It Down

Brandyn Burnette – It’s Gonna Be Alright

Savanah Sgro – Talk Shit

Caleb Peters – DAZE

Riley Biederer – love sucks

FLETCHER – Shh…Don’t Say It

Tyzo Bloom, Minke – BEDROOM

Griff – Say It Again

Freddie Elmberg – Feel Again

Beren Olivia, Losyboycrow – History

Dylan Owen – A Time To Move On

Boo Seeka – Never Enough

Thutmose – My Maria

GRAACE – You Do You

Hauskey – Not Good

Starley – Let Me In

Gatlin – Talking To Myself

WE R OK – Rolling Stoned

ODIE – Miss Summer

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