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Next Up: This Week, February 24th [PLAYLIST]

Here we are with our last Next Up playlist of February. With the month practically over and the quarantin-iversary just around the corner, it’s crazy to assess our lives in this way and the odd milestones we’ve adopted after nearly a year. This week, our Next Up playlist is full of artists on the verge of catapulting beyond our headphones and into the limelight. Featuring the soulful nature of Jake Isaac, the energetic edge of 24kGoldn, the heartfelt vocals of LOVA, and the candid cool of renforshort, we’ve got the perfect playlist to close out your month. Check it out below and don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify so you always know what’s Next Up!

Emotional Oranges, Chiiild – “Bonafide”

Jades Goudreault – “nuh uh”

SHOR – “You and Me”

dev soter – “Too Fast”

Jake Isaac, India.Arie – “Gold”

OSTON – “Lie About You”

24kGoldn – “3, 2, 1”

Olivia Lunny – “Think of Me”

Syence, Ruuth – “a little bit bored”

LOVA – “Lame”

sad alex – “dating myself”

Charlotte Lawrence, SYML – “Talk You Down” (Acoustic)

emawk – “HIGHROAD”

Spencer Sutherland – “Indigo”

MAY-A – “Time I Love To Waste”

Lilly Carron – “Daydream”

renforshort – “virtual reality”

Phil Good – “Float On”

THEY., Kiana Ledé – “Count Me In”

Zachary Knowles – “johnny & june”

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