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Next Up, This Week: June 23rd [PLAYLIST]

This week, our Next Up playlist dabbles in all shades of pop, indie, hip-hop, alternative, and singer-songwriter. Featuring the powerful vocals of Nina Baumer, the energy of Trip Carter, and the return of Wet, you’re sure to find an artist you’ll love. Check it out and don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify so you always know who’s Next Up!

BANKS – “The Devil”

Greyson Chance – “Hellboy”

Nina Baumer – “Breakdown, Baby”

Glades – “Blonde”

Carol Ades – “I Can’t Wait To Be British”

The Sunshine State – “Bob”

Jordan McGraw – “HER”

Jackson Lundy – “Sophie”

Katzin – “Getaway”

bülow – “Revolver”

Kim Tee, Dizzy Fae – “Crazy World”

Jensen McRae – “Dead Girl Walking”

Griff – “Remembering My Dreams”

Trip Carter – “Freshout”

Hope Tala – “Mad”

Eloise – “Enough”

Lackhoney – “Random”

Wet – “On Your Side”

Ambar Lucid – “Get Lost In The Music”

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