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Next Up: This Week, March 10th [PLAYLIST]

Some incredible artists have entered our radar and we can’t wait to show them off come Wednesday. This week, our Next Up playlist centers around a various crop of artists that are known to be some faves and some new names we are ashamed to only learn about now. Featuring the smokey attitude of Jessica Manning, the eccentric lateral of Lackhoney, and the relatable lyrics of Emily Vu, this week’s playlist contains your next obsession. Check it out below and don’t forget to follow the playlist on Spotify so you always know what’s Next Up!

LA WOMEN – “Blame Me”

Isaac Dunbar – “kissy kissy”

Jessica Manning – “Know Better”

Lackhoney – “Doddie”

Greta Isaac – “Like Me”

Dylan Dunlap – “Soldier On”

Tate McRae – “slower”

Ivytide – “talk about it”

Emily Vu – “Your Ex”

JORDY – “Lip Locked”

Charlotte Lawrence – “Cowboys”

Tommy Lefroy – “Northern Towns”

Bishop Briggs, Jacob Banks – “SOMEONE ELSE”

Jensen McRae – “Starting To Get To You”

Falana – “Joy”

shiv – “U Don’t Burn”

bülow – “First Place”

SHY Martin – “Break With Me”

Janelle Kroll – “MARIE KONDO”

Gryffin, Two Feet – “I Want Love”

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