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Nico Savaro Addresses Severe Loss in “Ghosted”

Los Angeles-based artist Nico Savaro is back with a melodic new collaboration featuring rapper SoLonely entitled “Ghosted”. A relatable song about loss and severe unrest, “Ghosted” does the perfect job of embodying the uneasiness of the unknown while capturing the collective tension everybody felt during COVID. Using his music as a platform to discuss mental health, Nico’s new single confronts a hypothetical situation surrounding the feelings that would arise if you came home one day and your partner was completely gone….almost as if the relationship didn’t happen. While this is a tough topic for him personally, he chooses to share it with his fans in order to reach out to other people who may have experienced a similar situation. His plead for closure is felt through ethereal soundscapes and a dynamic synergy with the appropriately named ‘SoLonely’. The vibey new track introduces a lighthearted musical element to a serious topic, allowing for an impressive juxtaposition. SoLonely joins the track because his sound matches the vibe in a way that no other rapper was best-suited for. Nico’s strong storytelling and relatability proves refreshing and we’re excited to continue following his musical journey.

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