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Nikita Afonso Stuns with ‘Holy, My Heart’ [VIDEO]

While Canadian artist Nikita Afonso May just be getting started, she has already achieved some major accolades.  While she has been creating music in one form or another for a large portion of her life, in 2015 things really started to take off when she was voted Best Musician in the South Okanagan by Okanagan Life Magazine (2015).  After a couple of more years developing her sound and honing her skills she went on to win MTV Cover of the Month in February 2017, she was named Best New Artist of the Year at the International Portuguese Music Awards and was announced the winner of The Roxy Launch Project.

While I personally have never been able to get into a country music, Nikita Alfonso’s music finds the perfect balance between twang and commercial appeal.  From her rich yet breathy voice to her impressive chops as a musician, Nikita Afonso has been able to wow audiences old and young.  

Most recently she has unleashed her new tune, “Holy, My Heart”, and I have been jamming to it ever since.  Beyond her impressive vocals, the new release features clean and dynamic production, haunting harmonies and and all around vibe that I can’t seem to get enough of.  Far from my usual type of jam, Nikita’s new single has shamelessly landed firmly in my personal playlists.  A true musician above all else, Nikita Afonso has found praise for her live performances, adapting her shows from solo, duo, trio to a four-piece band full of rich harmonies.  From intimate settings to large crowds at regional music concerts including opening for Paul Brandt and singing with Keith Urban, there is no doubt that Nikita Afonso is turning heads in the Country scene and beyond.

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