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Nina Baumer Is “Over Thinking” About The Noise In Her Head

Our minds are more than overloaded these days. With so many thoughts, judgements, and opinions filtering through our brains everyday, it can be hard to maintain your inner voice. Nina Baumer expresses this idea in her new confidence-booster single “Over Thinking.”

Packing on the bass and ripping vocal lines like the pop divas of the early 2000’s, Baumer doesn’t shy away from laying it all out. Detailing the story of a muddled and questionable relationship, she reverberates on actions that left her in a constant state of overthinking. Standout lines like “love me when I run away, but then you tell me that you need a break” and “imma cut you off like a sentence, cos you’re speaking in tongues and I’m done with your guessing” echo her realization that this relationship was one-sided.

Twisting the term “overthinking” into “over thinking” was clever on her part, as it announces this feeling of annoyance and declaring: “I’m done.” The artist says it was hard to connect with herself when writing the tune, stating:

“On the day of the session, I realized that by overthinking, I was seeing and even thinking about the self doubt about being a songwriter; I was killing my creativity and instead feeding it with anxiety. I wanted to say ‘Hey, change your mindset, you deserve to be in this room and you’re now so over thinking about what is making you unhappy.’”

This latest release comes after her 2020 pop banger “Bad Excuse” and starts the countdown to the release of her EP in May 2021. Though the pandemic shook the world in 2020, Nina Baumer kept her eye on the prize by crafting songs she felt connected with, saying: “Bass, singability and funkiness is so important to my music. This is a timepiece for myself reflecting on how I felt emotionally and what I was listening to musically and I love that I captured that in a song.”

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