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We all carry insecurities and fears about ourselves that seem suffocating, debilitating, and overwhelming. There comes a point, though, where we find the strength to say enough is enough and emerge from our own ashes more powerful than before. Such power can be heard on NINA’s new song “I Can Do Better.”

Starting 2019 strong, NINA is upping her game with an electrifying and honest tune about finding the courage to let go and grow. While the production provides a stable foundation, with striking piano chords and a booming low end, it’s NINA’s vocal performance that proves her ability to breathe life into a song. You can immediately feel the weight being lifted from “her delicate shoulders” and the sense of release as she belts at the bridge. You can hear her proclamation and it convinces you that she is, indeed, doing better. Much better. This tune carries a lot solace for NINA, as she explained:

“It’s a statement to myself about how much I have grown since letting go of the things that held me back and how I am proud to be on my own. I think I grew into myself after singing and writing this song.”

“I Can Do Better” is the anthem you never knew you needed. We all can and will do better than what our haters say or believe. When faced with personal adversary, we must say to ourselves: “I can do better.”

The Boston-based Aussie is trailblazing her way to the top with well-crafted and thoughtful songs. It seems as if only yesterday we were fawning over her soulful tune “Guard Down” or rocking out to her first EP. This pop diva is one to watch!

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