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Noah Slee Impresses with ‘…and so, we move to Otherlands’ [VIDEO]

I have been sitting on this one for far too long (sorry y’all) thanks to the holidays, an unwavering schedule and some unforeseen family things – but I am way excited to get this one out.

Born in Berlin and raised in New Zealand, buzzing artist Noah Slee has been quickly making a name for himself over the last few years.  With an undeniable knack for creating memorable, jam-worthy tunes, his career so far has culminated into the recent release of his highly anticipated, award-wining debut album, “Otherlands”.  Using his (stunning) voice to provoke thought and inspire change, Noah Slee has long been a champion for LGBTQ rights and uses his latest project to help tell the story of human identity and integration.

As if releasing the project and touring wasn’t enough for the artist to watch, what brings us here today is the release of his impressively unique short film that ties it all together.  The stunning, cinematic video was shot in 4 countries (New Zealand, Germany, Australia and the U.S) and features 10 cuts, including both tracks from the album as well as remixes.  The film, titled, “…and so, we move to Otherlands”, weaves together political, sexual and cultural strands while giving voice to both the unique and shared aspects of struggle, healing and celebration; all told through the language of dance.

Time and time again, Noah Slee has proven that beyond the music, he seems to be quite the visionary; always pushing boundaries and taking his art to the next level – and that sentiment has never been more evident.  Reflecting on the film and how it came to be, Noah Slee says, “It’s been a pleasure to create this film; the energy on set was always electric. I wanted to tell a story, but as a result, a family was formed. A group of creatives all contributing in ways that exceeded my expectations. This film belongs to the world now, but all I ask is you dance.

Check out his debut album below and make sure you keep tabs.  I imagine it is going to be a MAJOR year for Noah Slee.

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