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Official Music DK Brings More Vibes with june

Hailing from Copenhagen, Official Music DK members Celine Svanback, Jeppe London and Lauritz Emil Christiansen have recently introduced the world to their new artist project june.  With all member having worked on a number of projects both as frontline artists as well as behind the scenes, their combined musical abilities contribute tot he new projects impressive sound.  With Celine’s stunning vocals leading the charge, the new group has recently unveiled their second single, “A Little Messed Up”. 

Inviting listeners into their new world of animation, jam worthy tunes and commercial appeal, june is only beginning to get the ball rolling – but I have no doubt they will be making waves in 2020.  With Official Music housing an impressive number of ultra-talented artists, including my personal favorite KOPS, each contributor brings their own special sauce into the fold, in turn creating dynamic, edgy, radio friendly tunes that no doubt appeal to the masses.  About the project, Celine says, “We are always very much aligned when we discuss what direction a song should take. We are also really chilled, and often we don’t need to talk too much because we are all focused on out thing. The studio for us is a personal space where we allow each other to say anything and open up in any thinkable way.

On the new tune, dark melodies, lush production and catchy af hooks come together to create an undeniable tune.  From the descending scales to bubbling synths and playful percussive elements, the single is just as hypnotic at is is bounced.  With this only being their second single, I have no doubt june has a lot more to come in the new year.  Make sure you keep tabs. 

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