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OLI Is Reassuring And Inspiring On New Song “Don’t Give Up”

We all hold a common experience when we reflect back on what happened in 2020. Something that no one can deny is the resilience that so many people showcased during that difficult time. London based singer-songwriter OLI celebrates this with a tenderhearted ode “Don’t Give Up.”

Comforted by OLI’s reassuring voice and the lush, ethereal soundscapes, “Don’t Give Up” is a poignant tune that doesn’t conform to the traditional alt-pop genre. The lulling deep bass paired with the swirling synths create a sultry texture that exudes effortlessness similar to that of breathing. The vocals are cool and calm while soaring over the rounded out production. As for the song’s inspiration, OLI shares:

“I think last year a lot of the feeling was just to keep going and keep your head above water. I felt that around me a lot, […] It made me realise how resilient people are and how little they give themselves credit for it. I wanted the song to show that, to feel like a voice inside your head letting you know everything will be alright.

The video is equally lushious. Working with Finland-based videographer Heini Susanne, the video was filmed in Finland and utilizes distance to create a positive association, so that even though you may be separated by loved ones, there is still that reassuring message to simply not give up.

OLI moved to London from New Jersey at the age of 2. Growing up in a musical family, she was always encouraged to be creative – writing her first song when she was only 7. Her influences range from the likes of Sade and Dion Warwick to bands such as Stereophonics, Supergrass and Pearl Jam and Pink Floyd. OLI co-writes and produces with legendary producer Benny D (Stormzy, Boy George, Kylie, Plan B, Robbie Williams, Paloma Faith, Depeche Mode).

Photo credit: Gabrielle Salonga

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