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Olivia Penalva Plays With Fire On New Single “Ex’s”

All relationships have the potential to be messy. Whether it’s a romantic one or a best friend, there’s someone who always ends up getting hurt. Olivia Penalva explores what happens when temptation is involved and faces the ultimate consequences with her new single “Ex’s.”

The tune has all the genetic makeup of a commercial pop banger. A afrobeat-inspired kick drives the song’s rhythmic center while bubbly synths add a cheeky lens to the playful yet dark lyrically content. Penalva’s melody exudes confidence and is ready to accept the consequences headed her way. The lyrics capture themes of misunderstanding, hurt, and dishonesty with lines like “Making up a lie about how to say goodbye to stop your boy from cheating” and “how’d I do this to my best friend?” In regards to the tune, Olivia shares:

“I wrote ‘Ex’s’ about how temptation can be exciting and thrilling but ultimately can lead us to make destructive decisions with serious consequences. The heart can lead us to places where we hurt others, even if we don’t mean to and the mind tells us otherwise. It is a cheeky and edgy song that sheds light on what it’s like to be the person hurting someone they care about while falling for someone they didn’t know they ever wanted.”

The 21 year old’s new music follows the 2020 success of Top 20 single “Love Me,” which saw Olivia soar to over 38 million TikTok views and 1.2 million streams of the single alone. It was the #2 most added at CHR Mediabase, charting at #17 on pop radio with impressive numbers on two additional formats — all building on her Billboard’s Hot 100 and Canada’s Emerging Artist chart penetration. Already making her mark globally to viewers of American Idol and America’s Got Talent for her cover song performances in 2019/2020, Olivia is not holding anything back as she continues to build acclaim with her new original material rolling out over the next year.

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