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Osmunda Music's "Be Welcome": A Melodic Hug for the Soul

Alright, music lovers and peace seekers, gather 'round! Osmunda Music, fronted by the ever-talented Rebecca Trujillo Vest, has just dropped a new single that's about to become your go-to track for all things warm and fuzzy. Say hello to "Be Welcome," a sonic embrace that’s all about inclusivity, acceptance, and finding your true self.

Imagine a song that feels like a comforting chat with an old friend, wrapped up in melodies that soothe and uplift. That’s "Be Welcome" for you—a delightful blend of compassion and grace that sets the perfect tone for Rebecca's upcoming album, "Heartful of Peace," set to release on August 23rd. This track is like a musical sunrise, spreading positivity and warmth wherever it's played, from schools to community centers, and even preschools.

Rebecca's journey began in the vibrant lands of Santa Fe, NM, where music became her sanctuary and inspiration. With a rich palette of influences spanning world music, new age, pop, folk, rock, Americana, and children’s music, she's a true dynamo in the industry. Her ability to channel her diverse experiences into creating deeply resonant music shines through in every note of "Be Welcome."

But wait, there’s more magic behind this track! Rebecca’s partner in creative crime, Abby Wills, brings over two decades of experience in integrating healing and contemplative practices into educational settings. Abby's expertise in mindful life skills and social-emotional learning infuses the song with a profound sense of purpose and connection.

“Heartful of Peace” is not just an album; it's a heartfelt movement toward a more connected, mindful world. Rebecca and Abby hope educators and caregivers will embrace this music, fostering joy and community spirit in their classrooms and beyond.

Osmunda Music isn’t just about creating beautiful sounds—they're about making a difference. The Pandion Music Foundation (PMF), co-founded by Rebecca along with artists Jordan Stobbe and Carls Woolf, is all about supporting creators with free online workshops, wellness programs, and resources aimed at fostering diversity and inclusion. Based in Los Angeles, PMF is a beacon of hope for artists everywhere.

And here's the cherry on top: the release of "Be Welcome" introduces the “Heartful of Peace” curriculum, an innovative eight-pod series designed for educators and caregivers. Each pod is packed with energizing and soothing music, yoga postures led by instructor Pooja Sharma, thought-provoking discussion prompts, and fun surprises to keep everyone engaged and joyful.

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