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Otto Delivers Touching Summer Love Song “Amelia” [VIDEO]

UK based Artist Otto extends a warm invitation to seek out what makes you feel free this summer with his latest track, “Amelia“. Coming off the heels of his 2019 single, “Tell Me Something“, Otto delivers a blend of acoustic and electric guitar complimented by a playful indie-pop rhythm, topping it off with a hook that encapsulates the essence of the song perfectly.

With lockdowns and stay at home orders still in place in many countries throughout the world, the upbeat and hopeful energy of the tune stands in stark contrast with the disheartening sentiment brought on by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Being signed during lockdown, everything that I’ve been creating has been confined to these four walls… I’m just excited to get out and start gigging.

Shot in the majestic Portmeirion Village in Otto’s native Wales, the accompanying music video offers viewers a journey through an old-country town with scenery, architecture and overall aesthetic that may very well end up in the next Wes Anderson film.

On the song’s meaning, Otto says, “’Amelia’ is the embodiment of freedom. She is the one thing out of reach that you long for. She’s the warmth you need in winter days, she’s the breeze that hits you in the summer haze. She’s everything you’ve wished for that you currently can’t have.”

Otto has been writing and recording throughout quarantine and is eager to release more new and exciting tracks later this year.

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